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10+ years experience

We have been perfecting our way of work for the past teen years. You will find the best quality products and the smoothest way of work at DRS

high quality products

We only work with the highest quality products in order to deliver the best possible results

our own range of products
99% Assembled Delivery
Custom parts

Develop your car!

Custom parts and services for your Porsche

At DRS Development we believe in rebuilding and reliving classic Porsche models. We do this with the upmost care, the highest quality materials and in the fastest way possible. Because of this, we have been in business for more than 10+ years and we will continue to strive to be the best in the branche.

Original engine work

OEM+ Engine rebuilds

Complete OEM Engine rebuilds. OEM spec engine builds with subtle modifications but retain the original engine look.
Custom engine work

Performance Engine builds

DRS Specialises in complete performance engine builds. Every engine is done with the wishes of the customer in mind and tailored to their desires.
custom suspension

Suspension upgrades

Your suspension is the connecting factor that gives the car the feel and connection to the road. Therefor it should be one of the most looked after components.
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Body rebuild

For body rebuilds we work with one of if not the best paint shop in the Netherlands. Gato Negro Car Bodyshop is the best when it comes to welding, restoration and a mirror finish paint job. We trust them with every project we do.
full gearbox rebuilds

Gearbox upgrades

Every gearbox we do gets a full rebuild. This means we take it apart completely and check every component for wear. Gearbox work we offer varies from:
Brake system upgrades

Brake upgrades

We offer a wide gamma of brake rebuild and upgrade services. Our brake services include the following options:
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Interior styling

Whether you want your original interior restored to factory original or you want your interior personalized to fit your specific needs or styling we can suit your every need. We work with three high quality Dutch upholstery companies that have a solution to your every request or idea.
Special parts for special cars

Custom parts

At DRS Development we also produce our own range of products made from the highest quality materials.

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Porsche 944 / 951 / 968 8V Titanium cam gear

Please contact us if you have any inquiries about this topic.

Porsche 944 / 951 / 968 billet dry-sump feed/oil filter delete plate

Please contact us if you have any inquiries about this topic.

Porsche 944 / 951 / 968 billet dry-sump oil pan

Please contact us if you have any inquiries about this topic.

Porsche 993 Carbon Engine Cover – Only 1.9 kilograms / 4 pounds

Please contact us if you have any inquiries about this topic.

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